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About Us - The C&K Advantage

The C&K Advantage

Our Experts
Cox & Kings experts have travelled extensively around the world, so you can be assured of a vast bank of knowledge. Every hotel, excursion and journey has been carefully considered and our destination experts leverage their deep knowledge and strong relationships to select the very best local guides and accommodation, without compromise.


Your Experience
Every experience with Cox & Kings becomes a new chapter in the story of your life and in the lives of those who accompany you on your journey. We take every element of your experience to heart. From the moment you imagine what your adventure could be, to the day you return, our goal is to assure a memorable and positive experience.


Over the years, we’ve developed lasting relationships and gained a deep understanding and appreciation for the beauty of the cultures and people we visit. Our longstanding history and access to insider knowledge makes it possible for us to create original, authentic, imaginative, intelligent and innovative holiday experiences for you.


Travel with Cox & Kings Dubai, and you’re guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime!