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How to choose your holiday?

How to choose your holiday?

Holidays provide an essential opportunity to refresh ourselves and escape our demanding schedules. Therefore holidays need to be chosen carefully so that you have pleasant memories.

Holidays or Tours can be broadly classified in Group Tours (package tours) and Individual Tours (tailormade or customised tours).

Based on these it's easier to decide which is suitable to you based on what type of a person you are.

We will take you briefly through some of the key benefits of each type of holiday to make it easier for you to make a well informed choice.
Group Tours
This type of tour has carefully planned itineraries and a well balanced mix of essential sightseeing, planned activities, coupled with meals. An experienced tour director accompanies the group and manages all the arrangements, so that the 'guests' can have unlimited fun and take back happy memories.

Group Tours - Advantages
  • Get 'Great Value for Money' tours. Enjoy the cost benefit which accrues because of bulk buying discounts from all suppliers.
  • Avoid travelling alone. Get security for you and your family in unknown destinations. When you travel in a group, you have other co-travelers and the tour manager who can help in case of an emergency.
  • It is possible to estimate the actual total cost of the holiday well in advance.
  • You get a chance to meet different people of varied cultures and interests on the tour.
  • No advance planning for the routes. Everything is booked.
  • An Efficient way to visit all 'must - see' spots. While you may spend less time in one location, you'll see a greater range of sights than you probably would travelling on your own.
  • You do not have to worry about anything as the tour manager takes care of everything.
Individual Tours
Individual Tours (also known Tailormade or Customized Tours) are designed to enable you to enjoy complete 'freedom'. Everything regarding your holiday is 'Tailor-made' depending on your individual requirements, tastes and budget. You can buy complete packages or just components of a package amongst other services. eg. only accommodation, sightseeing.

Individual Tours - Advantages
  • Offers total flexibility in terms of choice of itinerary, time, cuisine, sightseeing and accommodation to suit your budget and your taste. Follow your own time.
  • You can choose your own travel companions, be it family or friends.
  • There are indepth opportunities to explore places in terms of sightseeing and learning about the culture of those places.
  • Experience the trip based on your likes, dislikes and interests.
  • You can be creative in planning your itinerary. For example you could choose a self-drive holiday In Australia, with scuba diving and bungee jumping added.
  • You do not mind spending that little extra to enjoy the holiday to its fullest. For example you may hire a private vehicle and pay extra for an additional day.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the different types of holiday options available, you will be better equipped to make a choice that best fits your likes and requirements. We have given you a simple grid of the different types of holidays that Cox and Kings sells under Group and Individual tours to help you select your choice. Bon voyage !